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Our hair ritual

Like the skin or the nails, hair is an indicator of good (or bad) health.
Ayurveda, being a holistic approach, considers that the health of the hair is strongly influenced by what happens internally and by our environment, our diet and our lifestyle. Externally, botanical treatments are applied to improve the health of the scalp and strengthen all hair types.

We are more used to giving our attention and care to the lengths and ends of our hair, while Ayurveda puts the emphasis on scalp care.
In our western societies, we tend to make problems invisible or make them disappear on the surface, whereas Ayurveda considers the whole to understand and treat the root causes of the problem.
In terms of hair, this can be compared to using silicone-based products to make our lengths silky and shiny as opposed to treating the scalp to strengthen it and ensure that the hair that will grow is naturally healthy.

Discover below our basic ritual to take care of our hair according to Ayurvedic principles!


Step 1: Nourish and treat

The application of vegetable oil is a staple of Indian hair care routines: it provides moisturizing, nourishing and protective care.

huile pour le cuir chevelu

It is applied and left on the scalp, before washing. This treatment is very powerful because while applying the oil, the scalp is massaged, which provides incredible benefits, beyond the properties of the selected oils: stimulates blood circulation (promotes growth), strengthens the hair roots (fights against hair loss), nourishes the scalp (fights against dandruff), relieves irritation. In addition to the beneficial effects on your hair, the oil treatment and massage provide a general feeling of well-being thanks to their relaxing and calming effect.

Discover our treatment oil, a true botanical elixir thanks to the active ingredients of Ayurvedic plants infused in cold-pressed oils, in order to offer you an effective and revolutionary product!

Step 2: Cleanse

The traditional ayurvedic shampoo is composed of a mixture of plant powders, adapted to the problems of the person, to which water is added to form a paste that is spread over the entire scalp and the lengths. The experience is very different from the shampoos we are used to using, but it is all the more effective and surprising!

We have chosen to introduce this practice with the intention of adapting Ayurvedic knowledge to the modern world. That's why our shampoos come in the form of shampoo bars, composed of Ayurvedic powders and other botanical ingredients that allow for a washing experience as we know it.

Step 3: Moisturize and nourish

Beyond a purely cosmetic aspect, it is important to use moisturizing treatments to keep the scalp and hair healthy.
Moisturizing helps strengthen hair, reduce frizz and damaged ends.

revitalisant solide


The conditioner provides deep hydration to the hair after washing, to coat the hair and make it shinier and silkier.

Our conditioners infused with ayurvedic herbs provide deep hydration with a blend of ingredients tailored to your hair type.



Our disciplining serum will leave a protective film on your lengths, which will create a barrier between your hair and the external aggressions that can sometimes be done to it. It will seal in moisture until the next wash, without weighing it down!





To recap, the hair care ritual:

- oil treatment (to be done 1 to 2 times a week)

- shampoo (1 to 3 times a week, depending on the nature of your hair)

- conditioner (apply after washing hair)

- serum (the final touch to nourish and enhance your dry hair)

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