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shampoing solide montreal


Discover our range of shampoo bars, created to answer the various hair concerns that we can meet on a daily basis. Their composition allows you to space out your shampoos while making your hair more beautiful.

Our solid shampoos will surprise you: between the richness of the foam, their ease of use and transport, and their effect on your hair, you will not be able to do without them!

Each shampoo has been specifically created to meet your needs: dry hair, oily hair, sensitive scalp, curly hair, hair loss and "normal" hair.

Enriched with ayurvedic plants, vegetable oils and natural active ingredients for maximum results!

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Kapha Shampoo - Oily scalpKapha Shampoo - Oily scalp
Kapha Shampoo - Oily scalp Sale price$21.00 CAD
Kesa Shampoo - all hair typesKesa Shampoo - all hair types
Kesa Shampoo - all hair types Sale price$21.00 CAD
Pitta Shampoo - Hair thinningPitta Shampoo - Hair thinning
Pitta Shampoo - Hair thinning Sale price$21.00 CAD
Sold outSantva Shampoo - Sensitive scalpSantva Shampoo - Sensitive scalp
Sold outVakra Shampoo - Curly hairVakra Shampoo - Curly hair
Vakra Shampoo - Curly hair Sale price$21.00 CAD
Sold outVata Shampoo - Dry hair and scalpVata Shampoo - Dry hair and scalp