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Panier Bleu

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Pre-Wash Scalp & Hair OilPre-Wash Scalp & Hair Oil
Pre-Wash Scalp & Hair Oil Sale price$46.00 CAD
Kesa Shampoo - all hair typesKesa Shampoo - all hair types
Kesa Shampoo - all hair types Sale price$21.00 CAD
Hair Serum - Dry & Split EndsHair Serum - Dry & Split Ends
Pitta - Fortifying ConditionerPitta - Fortifying Conditioner
Kapha Shampoo - Oily scalpKapha Shampoo - Oily scalp
Kapha Shampoo - Oily scalp Sale price$21.00 CAD
Vata - Nourishing ConditionerVata - Nourishing Conditioner
Vata - Nourishing Conditioner Sale price$25.00 CAD
Santva Shampoo - Sensitive scalpSantva Shampoo - Sensitive scalp
Vakra Shampoo - Curly hairVakra Shampoo - Curly hair
Vakra Shampoo - Curly hair Sale price$21.00 CAD
Pitta Shampoo - Hair thinningPitta Shampoo - Hair thinning
Pitta Shampoo - Hair thinning Sale price$21.00 CAD
Vata Shampoo - Dry hair and scalpVata Shampoo - Dry hair and scalp
Sold outKapha - Purifying ConditionerKapha - Purifying Conditioner
Kapha - Purifying Conditioner Sale price$25.00 CAD
Beard OilBeard Oil
Beard Oil Sale price$29.00 CAD